Town Hall

124 Main Street Windsor, NY 13865

Phone: 607-655-2023 FAX: 607-655-2027

Town Hall Hours

Mon–Thurs: 9AM-4PM Friday: 9AM-12PM

Town Clerk’s Office is Open the First & Last Saturday of the Month: 9AM-12PM

Town Court Hours

Monday-Wednesday 9AM – 4PM

Town Hall Closed for Lunch Daily 12PM-1PM


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2023 Tax Collection Bill Lookup

  • IN PERSON: Town Clerk’s Office Town Hall 124 Main Street, Windsor, NY 13865
  • BY MAIL: Check or Money Order to: Windsor Town Clerk, 124 Main Street, Windsor, NY 13865  *U.S. Post Mark will be accepted as long as the physical date is stamped on envelope. Note: Some online payment companies do not postmark envelopes; in these cases, payment is considered received on the date it arrives to the Town Clerk’s office.
  • By Mail Send entire bill with payment and self-addressed stamped envelope
  • By E-Mail Send bottom portion of bill with payment & E-Mail Town Clerk at Subject Line: “Tax Receipt” State the name on the parcel, the tax id#, and the email address to send receipt to.
  • Partial Payment Option:  At least one-half of the “Total Amount Due” must be paid in the month of January. The remaining balance must be paid in one payment by March 31, 2023 (penalty of 1% of the remaining balance during the month of February, and 2% during the month of March)
  • January payments are penalty-free. Last day to pay or postmark is January 31, 2023
  • 1% Late Fee will be added to the bill beginning February 1, 2023. Last Day to Pay or postmark is February 28, 2023
  • 2% Late Fee will be added to the bill beginning March 1, 2023. Last Day to Pay or postmark is March 31, 2023
  • As of April 1, 2023, NO payments can be accepted by the Town of Windsor Tax Collector.
  • $20.00 fee charged on all returned checks
  • We accept Cash, Personal Check & Money Order for Payment (*No Post-Dated Checks)
  • Payee on check must be: “Windsor Town Clerkif it is not your check will be returned and could result in a late payment