Mark Odell, Town Supervisor
Email: townsupervisor.tow@admin

Khristine Breeding, Secretary to Supervisor

(607) 655-2026
(607) 655-2027 FAX

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5pm

Town of Windsor 2022 Supervisor Appointments


Deputy Town Supervisor                             Daniel Colwell

Historian                                                     Rita Saunders       

Town Board Committees:

Council of Government                      All Board Members

Banking                                             Supervisor Odell & Deputy Supervisor Colwell

Dog Control                                       Councilman Hupman & Councilwoman Kennedy-Tierno

Economic Development                     Supervisor Odell & Councilman Harting

Highway                                            Supervisor Odell & Deputy Supervisor Colwell

History & Cemetery                           Councilman Hupman & Councilwoman Kennedy-Tierno

Insurance                                           Supervisor Odell & Councilman Harting

Personnel                                            Supervisor Odell & Councilman Colwell

IT Development                                 Councilman Harting & Councilwoman Kennedy-Tierno

Town Hall                                           Supervisor Odell & Councilman Hupman

Youth & Recreation                            Councilman Harting & Councilwoman Kennedy-Tierno

Zoning/Planning Code Enforcement             Supervisor Odell & Deputy Supervisor Colwell

EMS/Ambulance                              Councilman Harting & Councilwoman Kennedy-Tierno