9 Karla Drive, Windsor, New York 13865
For Emergencies: DIAL 911
Firehouse (Non-Emergency): (607)775-4430
Firehouse Fax: (607)775-2472


Chief                             Jerry Launt
1st Asst Chief                Jon Launt
2nd Asst Chief               Scott Pierson
3rd Asst Chief               Norm Quinn


Rescue Captain             Aaron Launt
Fire Captain                   Garrett Doolittle


Fire Lt                           Cliff Smalley
Safety Officer              Cliff Smalley


President                      John West
1st VP                           Wayne Doolittle
2nd VP                          Cliff Smalley
Secretary                       Robert Hopkins
Asst Secretary               Michael Knight
Treasurer                      Alicia Smalley
Asst Treasurer              Alan Colosi

West Windsor Fire Co. INC
60 Years of Service 1946 - 2006

What is the West Windsor Fire Department?

Neighbors helping neighbors...Formed in 1946 and protecting approximately 35 square miles, our membership consists of volunteers. Our station is located at 9 Karla Drive. Our Vehicles include: 2 pumpers, 1 rescue truck, 1 brush truck, 2 boats, 1 ATV, and an 18 foot trailer. WWFD responds to about 300 fire and EMS calls each year.

Community Activities...

Annual Fire prevention program in schools and community, CPR training for area residents, Station tours, Sponsorship of Boy Scouts, BBQ cook outs, Spring Ham and Turkey Party.


All members receive training on...

Forcible entry, ventilation, search and rescue skills, vehicle driving skills, use of ladders, pump operation, nozzles and attack lines, self-contained breathing apparatus, emergency medical services, and much more. With classes offered by, County and State certified staff, NYS Fire Academy and National Fire Academy at Emitsburg, MD.

Why Join?

Some quotes from our members....

"In the Fire Department, I can fulfill my desire to help others, develop new skills, learn to face new challenges, and do all of this on the company of the best friends I have ever known, my fellow firefighters."

"I wanted to join the Fire Department to help our neighbors and friends in time of need."

"The Fire Department is a worthwhile part of my contribution of doing God's work."

"It's a good felling giving back to the community some of what Department has given to me through training, experience and friendships."

Want to help your community by serving with your local volunteer fire company, but just don’t think you’re going to be able to run into burning buildings? Don’t worry. It’s a misconception that running into buildings is all we do. For every interior firefighter, there are several people working in support roles or behind the scenes, doing jobs that are equally necessary and important. There are service opportunities available for those of all ages (16 and up) and physical abilities.

Stop by the station and ask about membership opportunities.

We are there MOST Monday nights from 7-9 PM Or call 775-4430 and leave a message, we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you.

Membership Categories:

Interior Firefighter: These members are firefighters approved to wear Self Contained Breathing Apparatus( SCBA) and work in and near fire scenes where smoke and intense heat may be present. Must be able to climb ladders, pull hose use firefighting tools ,perform rescues and carry equipment in excess of 50 pounds.

Structural Firefighter-non SCBA: These firefighter do the same jobs as Interior Firefighters, except not in environments that require the use of SCBA.

Apparatus Operator and Fire Police: These members drive trucks, operate pumps and other equipment, direct traffic and perform other on scene support activities as needed. Does not normally climb ladders, exert heavy physical exertion or carry equipment in excess of 35 pounds

Administrative and Support Staff: These members do not work at emergency scenes. They perform in station administrative work, station maintenance, assist with fund raising or whatever jobs their abilities and talents allow them to. The behind the scenes heroes of the fire service.