TitleNamePhone NumberEmail
Town SupervisorMark Odell(607) 655-2026townsupervisor.tow@gmail.com
Deputy SupervisorDaniel Colwell(607) 655-2026dlcolwell@gmail.com
Council MembersGary Hupman(607) 655-2023councilmanhupman57@gmail.com
 Timothy Harting(607) 655-2023harting2005@gmail.com
 Daniel R. Price (607) 655-2023dprice590@gmail.com

Town of Windsor Government for 2022 Board Appointments

Registrar of Vital Statistics                                                 Elizabeth Pfister

Dog Control Officer                                                             Floyd Bronson

Deputy Dog Control Officer                                                Richard Osborne

Bingo Inspector                                                                    Richard Osborne

Upstate New York Towns Association                              All Board Members

Newspaper                                                                            The Windsor Standard

Attorney for The Town                                                        Coughlin & Gerhart

Engineer for The Town                                                        Griffiths Engineering

Games of Chance, Multiple Residence                              Richard Osborne

Inspector & Zoning Enforcement Officer

Bank The Town of Windsor is authorized to utilize the banking services from any bank authorized to do business in and having offices in the State of NY (Resolution 1995-3)

Regular Monthly Meeting          Second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

Special Meeting         As needed with notice in the Windsor Standard