Doolittle Cemetery: Near the Windsor-Colesville line, off of Route 79. On land formerly owned by Abel Doolittle and some of his descendants. A few of his neighbors were buried there. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Stowe Cemetery: Route 79 North, 1/3 mile out of Village on the right. Samuel Stowe lived in a house across the road from 1793 until his death in 1831. Other Stowes buried there. Other notables include Elmore Russell Sr. and Jr. and the Seth Sage Family as well as many other neighbors. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Knox Cemetery: Across the river from Ouaquaga on Dutch Town Road. Original lot given by the Knox Family. Additions were made to the cemetery through the years, and there is an active association. (See picture below) For information on Knox Cemetery, click here.

Small Family Cemetery: Located on the lower side of Dutch Town Road in the pasture on the former Salisbury Farm. Members of the English Family that owned the farm in the mid 19th century are buried there. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

East Windsor Cemetery: Located off Mountain Road near East Windsor. Active until recent years. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Ostrander Cemetery: Located off Ostrander Road across from the Claude Lamorueax property. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Edwards Family Cemetery: Located off Old Route 17 East, 1/2 mile from the Village. A small path leads to the cemetery on the up side of the road. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Cascade Valley Cemetery: Located at the end of Alexander Road. An old community cemetery, still in use. Maintained by local residents.

Windsor Village Cemetery: Located off Chapel Street. Has two old sections, and a third new section that is in use. Has an active cemetery association. (See picture below)

Riverside Cemetery: Located on Route 79 South across from the High School. Currently in use. Has an active cemetery association.
For information on Riverside Cemetery Board, click here. Veterans Listing Click here. Gravesite Listings Click here.

South Windsor Cemetery: Located on Route 79 South, before the Edson Road intersection. Many early settlers are buried there. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

New South Windsor Cemetery: Located on Route. 79 South, just beyond the Edson Road intersection. Has an active cemetery association.

Flowers Cemetery: Located on Beaver Lake Road, burial place of Sutliff and Scott families. Abandoned. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Blatchley Cemetery: Located on Farr Road off of Blatchley Road near the Blatchley Church. An occasional burial in recent times. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Lester / Mountain View Cemetery: Located on Trim Street near the Hoadley Hill intersection. Earliest known burial 1803. Is active and maintained by the Lester Baptist Church

West Windsor Cemetery: Located about 1/4 mile up North Road. Burials from at least 1817. Abandoned. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Riley Farm Cemetery (Blatchley Family Cemetery): Located on Dunbar Road between Pegleg and North Road intersections. Formerly Blatchley Family Cemetery, from Daniel Blatchley Senior family who gave the land. Many other early families are buried there. Abandoned. Maintained by the Town of Windsor.

Higley Family Cemetery: Located off of Barnes Road above Occanum Creek, on hill formerly known as the John Watrous farm, settled by Roswell Higley. Roswell Higley and his wife are buried there along with a daughter and son-in-law, Betsey Milkinson, wife of Hugh Benn. There are only two broken stones to be seen there today. Abandoned.