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Dog Control Officer Floyd Bronson

New York State Law: All dogs (4 months and older) are required to be licensed.

You can license your dog in the Town Clerk’s Office.

You will need to provide current proof of your dog’s rabies vaccination, and proof of your dog’s spaying / neutering (if applicable), as well as the location where the dog will be living. NOTE: Post Office Box addresses are not acceptable.


  • 1) Remember that dog license renewals need to be renewed every year. You will recieve a renewal form each year in the mail from New York State. You may mail the renewal form in with a check for the appropriate amount made payable to “Windsor Town Clerk” and send it to Windsor Town Clerk, 124 Main St., Windsor, NY 13865.
  • 2) Be sure to keep your Rabies vaccinations UP TO DATE. We cannot renew your dog’s license without current proof of rabies vaccinations. If your rabies certificate is expired at the time of renewal, be sure to include a new proof of rabies vaccination. Also, if you have spayed/neutered your dog since the last renewal, be sure to include proof of that as well. It will save you money. (See #3) If mailed to the Town Clerk, the information on these forms will recorded and be returned to you along with your signed renewal form.
  • 3) Fees for licensing dogs:

If your dog IS NOT spayed or neutered: $25.00 ANNUAL FEE
If your dog IS spayed or neutered: $15.00 ANNUAL FEE (PROOF REQUIRED)

  • 4) Instead of coming into the office directly, you may also mail any current rabies certificates and proof of spaying/neutering directly to the Town Clerk office to update them at ANYTIME (along with your renewal form is a good time) and these changes will be noted and the documents will be returned to you. Also, please inform us of any changes such as a loss of your dog or transfer to a new owner. The address is Windsor Town Clerk, 124 Main Street, Windsor, NY 13865.
  • 5) The Town of Windsor has a rabies clinic that is sponsored by the Front Street Dog Shelter Alliance and the Broome County Health Department. It is advertised yearly.
  • 6) Whatever month you FIRST licensed your dog will ALWAYS be the month that renewal is due, regardless of when you pay it. For example, if you originally licensed your dog in August, the renewal will always be due in August. If you pay it late (for example, in September or October), it will STILL be due again the following August; NOT in September or October. A $5.00 late fee shall be imposed for failure to renew a dog’s license prior to the expiration period of a previous license OR a $10.00 late fee shall be imposed for failure to renew a dog’s license within sixty days of the expiration period of a previous license. For any dog found unlicensed, there will be a $10.00 surcharge imposed, which is in addition to the mandatory yearly licensing fee.
  • 7) Be sure to have your dog’s license on your dog at all times. In the event your dog gets lost, this will help insure his/her safe return to you. The DCO Officer immediately checks for tags, then places a phone call to the owners to return the dog. Any dog that can NOT be returned to the owner will go to the Front Street Dog Shelter, 110 Cutler Pond Road, Binghamton, NY 13905. Shelter phone number: (607)778-2493.
  • 8)There IS a leash law in Windsor, so for everyone’s safety, please observe it.