West Windsor Sewer Rates & Billing

Residents are billed at a flat rate on a quarterly basis on the following billing schedule:

Rates per Parcel          Occupied:   $218.00    Vacant:       $138.30

          Bills Mailed:                                                Months Billed for:

                    March 1                                                     January-March

                    June 1                                                        April-June

                September 1                                             July-September

                December 1                                               October-December

  • Bills are due 35 days after bill date (postmarks are accepted). After 35 days a 10% late fee is assessed.
  • At the end of November any unpaid balances are relevied to properties Town & County Tax Bill.
  • New owners or selling owners should contact the Town Clerk’s office to update billing information upon sale of parcel with current owners’ information (607) 655-2023 or windsortc1@echoes.net
  • Make Checks Payable to: Town of Windsor
  • Mail Payments to: 124 Main St. Windsor, NY 13865
  • Accepted Payments: Cash, Check, Charge (3% processing fee applied), credit card payments can be made over the phone with the Clerk or via “PayGov” (PayGov Location Code-PLC38866)  *Please include 4-digit account number on payments.