Presiding Justices:
Honorable Richard R. Blythe

Honarable Dennis T. Colpitts

Mailing Address:

124 Main Street
Windsor, NY 13865

Phone: (607) 655-1973 / Court Fax: (607) 655-4106

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00AM - 12:00PM

In-person proceedings are now permitted. All persons are required to wear face covering when in court room, regardless of vaccination status.

Traffic Tickets:

If you received a Traffic Ticket you can mail, fax or drop off your ticket with your signature with your plea of Guilty or Not Guilty (SEE BELOW) by the date and time listed on the ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have Misdemeanor, you must appear in person on the date and time listed on the ticket.

PLEA GUILTY (Part A) as charged: By pleading “Guilty” you waive your right to a trial. A Guilty plea will result in a penalty being imposed, the amount of which will be sent to you by mail. The court does not have the authority to reduce points associated with a guilty plea. It is the responsibility of the driver to be aware of the points penalty. This information can be found on the New York State DMV web site

PLEA OF NOT GUILTY (Part B): When your plea of “Not Guilty” is received and accepted by the court, you will receive a notice for a pre-trial conference. All cases are prosecuted by the Broome County District Attorney - website - Phone (607) 778-2373.

Scheduled Pre-Trial Conferences and Non-Jury Trials:
Second and fourth Monday of each month with the Broome County Assistant District Attorney (Pre-Trial Conference and Non-Jury Trial notice will be sent to advise you of your date and time).

Small Claims:
Second Tuesday of the month at 5:00PM and the fourth Wednesday of each month at 1:30PM. "A Guide to Small Claims Court" handbook may be picked up at the court office or downloaded here.

To file a Small Claim in the Town of Windsor Court. The defendant MUST live or work in the Town of Windsor.
Small Claims is for monetary damages up to $3,000.00.
Filing Fees: $10.00 for $0 - $1,000
$15.00 for $1001 - $3,000
It is recommended that you call ahead to make an appointment to file the paperwork.

As an alternative to filing a small claim, you can contact ACCORD (A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc.). This is a mediator service, which is free. In Broome County you can call (607) 724-5153. Email at

Summary Proceedings (Eviction):
Tuesday and Wednesday - please contact the court regarding availability.
The court DOES NOT provide paperwork for Summary Proceedings.
Endorsement Fee: $20.00
Filing Fee: $20.00


  • NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (518) 486-9786
  • Broome County District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 1766
    45 Hawley Street, 4th Floor
    Binghamton, NY 13902
    (607) 778-2423
  • Broome County Public Defender's Office
    PO Box 1766
    45 Hawley Street, 6th Floor
    Binghamton, NY 13902
    (607) 778-2403

Cash – In person, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (9:00am – Noon)

Money Order/Certified Check – US funds for exact amount, payable to Windsor Town Court.

Or pay online or by phone: or by calling (888) 912-1541 24/7 (convenience fee will apply). This is through nCourt, a third party vendor.

A locked drop box is located in the door of the justice office in Windsor Town Hall. You may leave a plea or payment (no cash).