Attention Deer Hunters

Keep CWD out of New York

A recent case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Warren County,
Pennsylvania, near New York’s border, increases the risk of CWD
introduction to our state.

CWD kills white-tailed deer and threatens our deer population. No
deer are immune. The prions that cause CWD are abnormal proteins
that are very stable in the environment and can last for decades.

Do your part to limit the risks:

  • Read and follow DEC regulations. If you plan to travel, check
  • other states’ regulations before you hunt.
  • Do not import intact carcasses from outside New York. Only bring
  • back deboned venison, cleaned skull caps, and antlers.
  • Put deer butchering scraps in the trash. If you put deer carcasses
  • on the landscape, you could spread the disease to new areas.
  • Report any deer that are skinny or acting abnormally to
  • DEC immediately.
  • Avoid using natural deer urine, as urine may contain CWD prions.
  • Choose synthetic alternatives.
  • Report violators. Call an Environmental Conservation Police
  • Officer to report illegal activity: 1-844-DEC-ECOS (332-3267).

For more information, call DEC or visit and search “CWD.”